If you want to contribute  to the preservation of native Catalan breed, we encourage you to become a sponsor of one of our donkeys. Your contribution will be for part of feeding expenses of the animal you choose and you’ll have other benefits.

WARNING: In the event that any person wishes to buy sponsored donkey, the sponsor will first be informed by offering the purchase option. In case the godfather did not want to buy it he will be offered another donkey with the same conditions that he had.

Considered the best breed of donkeys in the world

but we are a breed in danger of extinction

But we want for a better future


You’ll get your sponsor card and you will be able to visit Fuives whenever you want for free, you will be able to walk with your donkey, etc,… well, better if you announce your visit first because we want to welcome you in the best way!

We will give you a bundle of products made of donkey milk (soaps and cosmetics) and marketing items from our store.


You will be proud  of being part of a group of people who has contribute to the preservation of the Catalan donkey breed and you will be able to tell the next generations that the Catalan donkey didn’t disappear thanks to you.

You’ll have preferential rates if you want to give our products to your friends, relatives,  colleagues, partners or customers.

We will keep you updated obout the evolution of your godchild, by custom e-mail.

how much does it cost to sponsor?


An individual basis, it will cost you 100€/year the first year and 80€/year the next ones. You will get your  sponsor card with your name and the name of the donkey you have chosen. You will enjoy all the benefits we have told you before.


If you are part of a group ( family, friends, company, etc,…) and you want to sponsor a donkey in group, it will cost 200€ the first year, 100€ the second  and 80€ the next ones. All the people in the group will get a card with the name of the sponsored donkey.


So, if you want to sponsor a donkey ,give it a name of your own and be the only sponsor (unless you decide no longer being it) the exclusive sponsor will cost you 250€ the first year, 150€ the 2nd and 80€ the next ones.


From these three possibilities, we can develop other alternative forms, so contact us.

At the same time, you have the chance of buying a donkey, but be aware that we won’t sell it if you don’t have good facilities to live in and be sure you will always treat it with respect.




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+34 671441245 (English)

Visits: Masia Fuives, s/n, 08611 Olvan, Barcelona