The Catalan donkey is the best donkey breed in the world, and, believe this is much smarter than most animals. It is also true that he is much more stubborn, but … Who has said that stubbornness is a defect?

We encourage you to discover this great animal.

Short history, features and anatomy, breeding, feeding, present situation and their uses


The existence and origin of these animals, just as it’s known nowadays, dates back thousands of years ago. In fact, their evolution until the species existing today dates back 50 million of years . Their ancestors…


Our donkey has many similarities with the “asinus europeus”, but we must notice other virtues that distinguish it dramatically from the rest that remains on the layers of the earth.


The females usually have their first pregnancy when they are two or three years old. Instead the males start to meet females in a safety way after they are two. Tegestation last twelve months…


In respect of feeding, it’s very simple, it’s based in the combination of different food like oat, which is a very appreciated food by them, and they usually eat from two to four kg a day…


The donkey, horse and mule population in Spain, has been decreasing for the last decades, but we want to focus on the geographical distribution of donkeys. The location has changed over that century. We’re going to describe the area where historically the donkey has been bred, where its breed has been modeled over time. We have to move, so, to the river basins of Segre, Ter and Cardener, where we can find a height under 800 metres. Furthermore, the temperature is warm, but there is plenty of rain most especially in spring and autumn.


Why is important that these donkeys run across our fields?

In fact if you don’t know them , you can think they’re animals to entertain young and old, in which they’re great experts, but other than that, they have other roles like:
– Farm labor. Agriculture and viticulture.
– Industries where little strength is needed, as the donkey is a very cheap energy.
– Carriage guide in wheel transport busnisses, as they don’t have competitors. These animals live for long, with a digestibility of rude food, inimitable for any other domestic animal, it’s resistant to fatigue and rarely gets sick.
– Horseback ride on hiking trails, mountains
– Donkey therapy sessions
– Leisure time. In countries like Germany, our donkeys are bought to be a pet.
– Mule production
– Milk production. Consumed by humans as food or medicine. This milk had a lot of uses at the time of Greeks and Romans. It was used as well to make more pale and cleaner women’s skin, for example Neró’s wife, who had milk baths, furthermore to habe more beautiful breasts.
– In Fuives, semen sale is another activity to carry out artificial reproduction.
– They clean grass and scrubs, and protect us from fires.

Countries like France, Switzerland and United States carry out crossovers with race horses, since they become more resistant.

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